The Event & Hospitality Industry's Secret Sushi Weapon for more than 25 Years

From world leaders to entertainment & sporting megastars... Legendary culinary talents to multinational conglomerates... Destination weddings to charitable fundraisers for the children... We can proudly and humbly say that... We've fed them all.

From the early 1990’s we have been the quiet “sushi-engine that could” when called upon by major hotels, clubs & event planners to deliver uncompromising excellence and reliability, 24 hours a day, 366 days a year.  We have built a can-do culture around providing the best product for an un-trendy price.  We have and always will be about honoring relationships & integrity.

Nowadays sushi is everywhere, but quality, integrity and value are hidden in plain chaotic sight.

We are that company.  The one that will get things done the right way and add something really magical to your next event.  Whether you’re just having a little cozy soirée, or a New Year’s Eve bash for your closest 2,000 friends, look no further, as you’ve stumbled upon a real delicious find.

But please remember…


We’re a Secret 😉